Friday, November 09, 2012


So, the Iranians are now saying that the US drone they shot a couple bb's at (but didn't hit) was in their space.

All I know about it is that Iran is a 24-karat Polish Threat.

Everyone reading this is aware, I hope, that Hitler attacked Poland in 1939 because of Polish aggression aimed at Germany, or at least, that's what German news media of the time were saying.

So that's who started WWII. It was those damn Poles, and their aggressive, confrontational behavior.

The innocent Germans were the aggrieved party, just like we are with those Persians, who are aggressively and unacceptably shooting BB's in the direction of our two aircraft carrier groups we have parked in the Persian Gulf, right on their doorstep.

So, to get a little more perspective on this, turn it around. Two Iranian carrier groups are in Chesapeake Bay, and a drone is buzzing around DC just off the coast. How would patriotic, red-blooded Americans feel about that? You bet you would, and so would I, if that were the case.

Let's be honest: Who's the real threat here?

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