Saturday, November 10, 2012

lights are on, but nobody's home

It seems there are a number of Democrats who are very miffed about House Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell both refusing to take the preznit's phone call to each of them on election night.

Dkos (Atrios calls it "The Great Orange Satan") has a write-up on this mini-tempest, which will soon be forgotten, so we better have some fun with it while we can.

The calls came after midnight, a late hour for anyone, so when McConnell's phone (pictured) rang, the old statesman was incommunicado at that hour, of course.

However, the POTUS and the SOTHOROTUS actually did connect, not by telephone, but on internet chat.

Anyway, this hacker friend of mine supplied me with a transcript of that super-secret and highly-classified conversation between the preznit and the speak, as follows:

POTUS: Hey, stud.

JBNR: Hey wazzup? LOL

POTUS: What's goin on?

JBNR: Not much. How's it hangin wid chu?

POTUS: Ah U kno, just hangin out ... oops. BRB

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Joe said...

Dave I thought it was interesting that I mentioned the devil earlier before i saw what you wrote today.