Tuesday, December 04, 2012


It's not just the Germans who will reach 100% of their energy supply derived rom renewable sources relatively soon. We all will. That's 100% renewable energy, mostly solar.

A lot of the video I asked people to watch back on the 27th of last month is a chopped-up interview with the guy most responsible for this development, because he recognized the necessity.

Wnat's happening in Germany and Denmark right now, and to a lesser extent throughout Europe, is the work of the late Hermann Scheer, a socialist Bundestag deputy who decided in the late '80's that solar was the future. He wrote two books on the subject, and steered the government subsidy for solar production and the law requiring energy retailers to buy all available excess energy from alternative sources through the legislature.

Scheer saw the debate over energy taking place in governments and businesses as playing out according to three scenarios. (I'm approximating here, not quoting);

1. The playing down of the role of renewables by scientists who are on the payroll of power companies, or who think in their paradigms.

2. More adventurous types who think in terms of 50-50 -- 50% renewable energy and 50% conventional. Many of these scientists lack courage, and don't want to get out of the rut of mainstream debate. They know if they go beyond the conventional limits, they risk being denounced as "Not Serious."

3. There are others who take the view that 100% is best -- renewable energy meets all energy needs. This is the only adequate stance, because it's very easy to show that 100% of all energy needs can be met by renewable energy.

Scheer also adds that "To speak of limited potential is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with science, but only with mythology."

And since the earth is burning under our feet, he has to be right.

(And in fact, an area the size of France [330K square km] in the Sahara Desert covered by solar panels would produce sufficient energy to meet the energy needs of all humans everywhere)

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