Monday, December 03, 2012

poker face

Obama has won the war of the "fiscal cliff," or the fiscal curb, as I prefer to call it.

He's holding all the high cards, because now either the Republicans will fold and give him what he wants (very unlikely), or we go off the curb. And if that happens, he also gets what he wants.

Here's why: the Republicans and Democrats will work together and quickly jump to restore funding to the Pentagon and other programs they all feel are necessary.

Not so the Bush tax cuts. Congress would have to re-pass them, and that ain't gonna happen. Either way, tax cuts for billionaires now go from making history to being history.

Congress might restore the middle-class cuts, unless the Republicans want to look like even bigger poopy heads than they appear to be right now by blocking them out of spite. They probably won't, because they'd be even more widely hated than they are now.

So Obama's full house is aces and kings, and every card he's got was dealt to him by Republicans. He has no reason to sell out his own supporters as he did in 2010 and 2011 (and keep in mind, after he did that, he still didn't get the deal he'd been promised), so he won't.

No matter how Boehner and his platoon of squinty-eyed greedheads play this, they've seen the green weenie.

Nice job, GOP. What do you do for an encore?

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Joe said...

The ideas of the Republican party are out of date, and the people are beginning to leave the party behind. There are still some holdouts that buy the message that fear for your survival has to compel you to stick it to your neighbor (competition against him). Greed isn't good, and never has been.