Wednesday, December 19, 2012

free fallin

So Boehner says basically Obama should go jump off ye olde fiscal cliffe.

OK, so far so good. John Amato writing at Crooks & Liars says a true when he says "All the Villagers today have been speaking in somber tones on teevee because they fear we will jump off the cliff and the Pete Petersons will not get their much-hoped-for-and-sought-after pound of flesh out of Social Security or Medicare."

Yes, that and every body's taxes will go up.

The thing is, going off ye cliffe is the thing to do. It's an opportunity to increase funding for Social Security, take a bite or two out of Pentagon spending (or should I say "boondoggles"), and maybe semi-get our house in order. It presents a chance and a gamble, because absolutely everything will be in play at a time of extreme political instability.

So go on witchu Mr. John Boehner. Bring it.

it's not quite the calling of the Estates General in 1789, but could run along those lines.

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