Thursday, December 20, 2012

good ol days

Back in the good ol days we had nine planets. It had always been that way, but little did we know...

Back then we had pray-er in our skew-els. And Bible readin. That's how I found out about Moses and the Fay Ro.

Cars had eight pistons, and ran on leaded gas.

Processed food was the new big thing. Teevee dinners were a treat, much better than when mom spent all that effort preparing nutritious meals from scratch.

Everybody smoked, everywhere, all the time. Edward R. Murrow had a lung removed, then died from cancer in the other one.

Those Godless atheistic commies were in charge in Red Russia, and they wanted to kill us. This country was said to be full of commies everywhere, but I never saw one except on the teevee, when they fried the Rosenbergs.

We were happy, and totally clueless.

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