Sunday, December 09, 2012

tuff times

"Face the Nation," which is one of those Sunday bobblehead shows, this one on CBS, had as guests this morning old Earskin Bowls, and his sidekick, the Enema Man out of Wyoming.

Old Earskin didn't have much interesting to say apparently, since his road dog grabbed all the headlines. That would be the Enema Man, who said that taxes are going to go up for rich people, for sure, for sure. Which is significant, 'cause he's not exactly poor himself.

"If anybody out there who's quote 'rich' doesn’t think their taxes will go up, the drinks are on me," he said. "I'll cover it."

Alan Simpson (for such is his name) was one of the co-chairs (along with Earskin Bowls) of the president's (Obama's) cat food commission, appointed to find the best way to screw old people out of their social security and medicare as a way of dealing with the so-called "debt crisis."

He's not completely divorced from political reality, however, so maybe this one can be brought to terms.

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