Saturday, February 09, 2013

starbucks and socialism

I get my best writing prompts from the discussion board I frequent. Occasionally they're so good I have to copy and paste them here. Consider this:

Folks, we need oil and gas it is the very life's blood of modern society. People (left leaning) get so very pissed off when you talk about oil and gas - it really puts them into a pout so they drive off to Starbucks (in a Prius of course) and order the $5 coffees ad blog about it on their laptops that are plugged into the electical outlet.

OK, she forgot to mention putting on my Birkenstocks before I roar off to Starbucks in my VW Beetle (in my case) for my five-buck triple mocha.

But it's true, you know, that Teh Left loves Starbucks. They want red-blooded, patriotic Americans to squander all their wealth on expensive coffee drinks and lottery tickets, and then, when they have no money left for taxes and their Obamacare premiums, they'll be forced to work off the debt as "interns" laboring in one of Michelle's "socialist victory" organic gardens which are being set up all over the country for that very purpose.

This is just one of Teh Left's diabolical schemes which shows how much they want to destroy the country and make formerly happy people miserable.

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