Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ted nugent ted nugent

So when and how did Ted Nugent become a pundit? I have to wonder where he gained the expertise that thousands listen to him and some even take him seriously.

"We know that the president will have the state of the union stacked and jammed with props, children, and victims of violent crime, " Nugent said. "And my friends wanted me to attend to counter that the way that I do: with facts, statistics and common sense and logic and a celebration of self-evident truths. So I will be taking on the media orgy following the State of the Union Address."

He'll give them a piece of his mind, too, I'm sure. Not too big a piece, though. The world can only handle so much brilliance all at once.

Nugent said the media does not realize he is a "force to be reckoned with" and therefore he will "dominate them."

Delusions of grandeur have always come as naturally and easily to this guy as his urge to make excessively loud, annoying noises. His music was no different than his politics, and it appealed to the same demographic as his hysterical anti-Obamism does.

Back in the 70's when I was playing in a duo in the Seattle area, morons used to sit in the back of the room yelling at us: "Ted Nugent! Ted Nugent!" This is a small room, mind you, with two guys dressed in tuxedos playing softly. He probably has the same fans today, only now they're balder, fatter, and stupider than they were then.

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Joe said...

It seems such types as Ted would do us all well by letting poetic justice catch up to them in its final logical outcome.