Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hagel zin

Despite not getting a single Republican vote in committee, Chuck Hagel got committee approval by a 14-11 vote, and the way is now clear for his confirmation. Word is he's got the 60 Senate votes he needs to overcome Bauregard Graham and that other Bozo who want to block him.

So I was wrong on this one. The former Republican senator wins the war secretary's job on a mirror-image party line vote, just as Democratic (ha ha) Senator Joe "the Schmoe" Lieberman does all of us a favor by retiring.

Secretary of War won't be an important job under Hagel, who is a "team player." It only takes on importance when someone who fancies himself a "leader of men" is in it, for example, Mr. Rumsfeld. Such a person can make a real mess.

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