Wednesday, February 13, 2013

drone warfare

I HATE the goddam state of the union speech. I don't care who gives it, I hate the MF speech, because it's a lot of empty pageantry enclosing a lot of empty rhetoric.

I heard maybe 30 seconds of it last night, cause I forgot it was on and when I turned on my radio to listen to Terry Gross, the Obamanator was on there spinning the true state of affairs.

I can't listen to that stuff, and don't understand why anyone would want to. I agree entirely with good old upyernoz (with a rubber hose) when he says "that the media has deemed it important and thus people feel like they have some kind of civil duty to sit through the ridiculous thing."

No matter whether it's a Demolican or Republicrat in the Casa Blanca, we search in vain for a longitude without a platitude, and for a globe without any spin. It really should be called "The Spin on the State of the Union" address.

This is "drone warfare" of a different kind.

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