Monday, March 11, 2013

hard times in the country

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WA. Here are a few snippets from the local sheriff's log, courtesy of the Port Townsend Leader.


"Possible lumber theft was reported in the 200 block

of Verner Avenue, Port Ludlow, Feb. 23. Deputies contacted
the suspects and learned they were harvesting timber with
the property owner’s permission."

i'll bet the cops get more false alarms from that little burg than

anyplace else in the county.

"A Chimacum male called 911 on Feb. 25 to report his feline
has flatulence. He was told if he abused the 911 system, 
he could be arrested."

Chimacum has a lot of unusual people for such a small town.

Moving right along...

"Two vehicles were reportedly racing along Paradise Bay
Road Feb. 25. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect

Similar things happen a lot on that road: invisible cars
materialize out of nowhere, race, and then disappear into 
the void. Finally...

"Cows were reported in the roadway in the Chimacum area,
Feb. 25. They were already herded back into their pen by the
time deputies responded."

As you can see, there's plenty of excitement in Jefferson
County if you just know where to look.

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