Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening

item: ...A New York state judge on Monday threw out a ban on large sugary drinks set to go into effect in New York City on Tuesday, calling the new regulation “arbitrary and capricious...

Sarah Palin, upon hearing of the judge's decision in this case, tweets, and says:

"Victory in NYC for liberty-loving soda drinkers. To politicians with too much time on their hands we say: Govt, stay out of my refrigerator!"

Ah, yes, those liberty-lovin soda drinkers. They can celebrate by guzzling a couple 7-11 64-ouncers, then jump on their Harleys, sans helmets of course, and show the gummint a thing or two about how really FREE people ride.

I have a challenge for them: can you light a camel while driving that thing? This should be fun to watch.

This is why those Mohammedans down there at the mosque hate us so, because we have the freedom to be stupid, and we take full advantage of it.

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