Friday, April 12, 2013

snap crackle pop, clink & clunk

Hang on to your socks, cause everything's dropping.

Stock exchanges suddenly turn down, after days of falling commodity prices. Crude is down to 91, gold to 1500! Silver loses a buck and hangs tough,

Even a sad and depressed Euro crept up a little against a weakening dollar.

For all markets, today concludes the worst week in 2013 so far, and follows immediately upon a bad weakly jobs report. It was one of those "weaker than we expected"  weeks we've come to expect around here.

It ain't the end of the world, God Nose. It's just the good ol predictable spring swoon. But the details this time clearly show the chronic feebleness of the US economy going forward, and the complete inadequacy of the government's approach to it.

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