Saturday, May 04, 2013

insolent chariots

Today's revolutionary act is to not drive, or even fire up your car's engine.

I'm not going to get all rhetorical about why you should this. We've discussed the future of "happy motoring" before, ad infinitum. Petroleum is a sunset industry, and petroleum biliionaires the lowest form of slime in the bucket, and to the extent that it can be replaced, electricity will replace it. That would be electricity produced by 100 percent renewable means. 

However, I would like to call people's attention to the fact that my revolutionary blueprint so far involves no violence, demonstrations, or activity of any kind, but rather consists of not doiing certain things.

The key concepts here are passivity, and noncooperation. Some people might label such an approach passive/aggressive.

The thing is, even though I might sound really angry sometimes (and I am), and say things like this, or that must be destroyed, it's not necessarily with torches and pitchforks that such destruction will occur. Factory farming will go down because it's capital intensive, and the borrowable capital is drying up. It produces an inferior product at an unacceptably high fiscal and environmental cost.

What I'm saying is the way of living we have adopted is totally unsustainable, and the revolution is already occurring on a thousand fronts. The only question is whether we're going to have any input in the process.

Enormous changes are occurring. Will these changes happen TO us, or will we steer our boat through the turbulence of the next century? 


Joe said...

Not been doing too bad with not firing up the auto. Last time was a week ago for a dentist appointment and hope the next time will be in mid May for the follow-up one. One thing is for sure, the idea of pleasure driving is crazy to me.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Joe, it's great to see you back here.

Me? I drive every three days or so. Monday I'm going to town to have my brain washed, er...scanned.

Joe said...

Thank you, Dave. hopefully the scan turns out pretty good.