Saturday, May 04, 2013

the happy omnivore

Where are we in evolutionary terms? What is the optimum diet for beneficial and troublefree working of the gut which God (or naure) has given us.

The agricultural revolution with its widespread adoption of cereal grains as the dietary mainstay was 10 thousand years ago. Before that we roamed around in groups killing large animals and eating the fat to stay warm, much as the Esquimaux do now. The world was all ice.

But those are recent developments, just a couple fingersnaps behind us in evolutionary time.

In fact, although our mental development has been spectacular enough to get us into deep trouble, physically we are still bound to our animal bodies, and our animal bodies are back in the trees eating mostly nuts, seeds, berries, fruit, and, on those occasions we go to ground, a few grains, and a little meat, such as we'd get by catching a mouse.

I had inflammatory bowel disease for 50 years. The cure was to go back to the trees. I'm an omnivore, and you can too.

Like an omnivore,
Comfy for the very first time,
Like an omni vo ho ho ho o ore,
My intestinal negotiation
Is workin juhust fihine.


Joe said...

Been doing pretty good in this area, too. I've been eating a bit of cheese and it's probably better than meat because the cows have to stay healthy to give good milk, unlike cattle raised for meat that just have to be kept alive long enough to get big enough before chronic illnesses set in.

Joe said...

Dave, I've enjoyed this site some.

Joe said...

Joe said...

I chose canned red peppers because that is closest to how I eat them--well cooked, but I don't ever add any salt to anything. I cook with a microwave oven.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

I haven'5 ever seen em in a can, but that would be good

Frozen pieces would be practical as well.