Tuesday, May 28, 2013

not your usual bizarre

A couple of strange and anonymous posters appeared 
recently in the Washington statehouse in Olympia which have folks hereabouts scratchin their heads. About the only thing I can say about this weirdness is that it doesn't follow the usual liberal vs conservative script, and seems in part a rejection of the script itself. 

The photo is by Oleg Volk, a Tennessee-based photographer and proprietor of a-human-right.com, a pro-firearms site. Volk says he doesn't know who used his photo for political purposes, but it was in the public domain, sans text, and he approves this message.

The line drawing is not Volk's work, and does not have the little flag with the tree on it that's just above the QR code. That's the "Doug flag," (Douglas Fir), the flag of Cascadia, projected to break off part of British Columbia, hook it up with Washington and Oregon, and form an ecotopian country.
Could happen.

So if Oleg Volker isn't behind this little poster campaignette, who is? Nobody knows. But I'll take a wild guess, and say it's a committed libertarian.

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