Monday, May 20, 2013

obama admin targets fox news

Yep. The reporter Jay Rosen got the once over with a Holder, and they were sniffing a couple others as well. I just saw a little of the coverage of it on Fox when I was working out down at the gym. Megyn Jelly was really quite beside herself about it. She was quivering like jelly on a plate. I couldn't help remarking to myself how nice it looked.

The revelation in The Washington Post that Justice obtained private work, as well as personal emails, from James Rosen of Fox News and tracked his movements at the State Department follows admissions that the department secretly seized two months of phone records from 20 Associated Press reporters and editors as a separate investigation into a government leak to the journalists.

Oh, wow, did I just use the Washington Times and FoxNews as my only sources? Well, this should be interesting.

So does this mean that Benghazi is yesterday's big crangleschnazzle, and now past its pull date? 

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