Tuesday, May 21, 2013

maybe they can sell it on ebay

Not much Benghazi news today, just an AP article that wants to know why Benghazi "keeps coming back."


At this point I'd say it keeps coming back because the AP keeps putting out stories about how it keeps coming back.

Ask an AP reporter why he has those bananas in his ears and he'll say, "I can't hear you; I've got these bananas in my ears."

Republicats don't want to talk about it, ever since Obama released the 100 emails that showed the Republicans had been creating their own reality again. But there is always someone there to remind them.

Which reminds me, how's the hunt for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction going? Any hot, or even lukewarm clues? I know there are lots of people who still maintain, when pressed by somebody rude enough to bring it up (such as me) that they're still out there somewhere.

Photo: Darrell Issa (R CA), who chairs the House Oversight and Governmental Reform, which is currently conducting  hearings into the Benghazi incident and its aftermath.

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Joe said...

Another thing, it seems like highly political activity to want to downsize government and do away with taxes and all that, so IRS, you did well to look for words like TEA Party and Patriot. People wake up.