Tuesday, May 21, 2013

old home

What would America see, if she was a person who could stand up and look into a mirror?

Right after the recent election, jim Kunstler wrote that America looking in a mirror would see "a sclerotic society, physically run down, strikingly ugly, and sordid in its cultural programing." That last part refers to American Idol and fast food and all the other software and greasy starches of consumerism, which now includes artificially mutated food and sometimes herbicides.

Mostly though, our paradigm of life well lived -- the drive-in utopia of SoCal -- has a poor outlook for the future. Being ground in the teeth of pollution, global warming, and traffic congestion, along with crumbling infrastructure and especially 100-bucks/barrel of oil, plus it's on fire a lot, Southern Caliph, once a paradise, now presents a sorrowful aspect of the good life.

But you know, America will muddle through and last somehow, because she truly is too big to fail. That old ancient Roman Empire, also too big to fail in its time, limped along for a couple hundred years as a zombie before finally expiring at last.

But why dwell on it? Let's have a party bilong us!! 

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