Wednesday, May 01, 2013

preznit obama has a sad

The preznit rolled out early yesterday morning, and at 8 am called a press conference for 10:00. The press corps is wondering, "What's with this guy?"

It started a few minutes late with reporters still scrambling to get there.

There was no real news or big story, and it seems to me Bamz called it just to express his sensitive self. 

Q from ABC's Jonathan Karl: You're 100 days into second term. The gun control bill failed. Sequestration has settled in. Do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through Congress?

A: "If you put it that way Jonathan... Maybe I should just pack up and go home! As Mark Twain said, rumors of my demise might be a bit exaggerated at this point."

Then, after a little more back and forth, 

"What we now know is that what I warned of earlier is happening. [Sequestration has] slowed our growth," the president says. "It's resulting in people being thrown out of work."

He says the Congressional air travel fix is just shifting money around. "That's not a solution.... What we've said is that in order to avoid delays this summer we're going to ensure delays for the next decade."

"The alternative is to go ahead and impose delays now, or to actually fix the problem by coming up with a broader, larger, deal," Obama says.

The president gets a little zingy:

"You suggest that my job is to somehow get [Congress] to behave. That's their job."

Oh, noes. Looks like buyer's remorse. Now we can look back and see the whole vista, as were, a panoramic view of the Obamanator. it started in 2004, and I'll never forget that electric moment when this good looking, young, well spoken and totally unknown black guy, an Illinois state legislator, took the podium at the Dem convention and said all the right things. It was love at first sight, and I was smitten like everybody else.

Then comes 2008, and the big O is Johnny on the Spot, but inconsistensies and contradictions begin to appear in his speeches. I voted for him along with everybody else, with misgivings. However, I'm glad i did, because 
1) he was the only candidate in the race (the Republicans didn't field a serious contender).
2) I thought he would end the wars gradually.
3) He's black, and it's time.

Then afer a disastrous first term, during which he ends one war and cranks up a couple others, and gets a really terrible health care bill passed, he runs again. I didn't vote for him this time, even though 1) he was the only candidate in the race (the Republicans didn't field a serious contender).
2) i reallly wanted to see the Republican party demolished, and it was.
3) He's black, and the first time was not a mistake.

 So now he's to lame duckitude, and today's presser was called so he could complain about what a crappy job it is. I could have told him that, but he always believed he could walk on water; I picked that up the first time I saw him, when it appeared he was sure he could charm his way into the White House.

And he was right. Then once he was thrown into the viper pit, he was sure he could charm all the snakes. Man, does this guy believe in himself, or what? And he's still trying to get that grand bargain, or "a broader, bigger deal." And that's the thing we should all fear. 

It's with shock and horror that we realize, after all this time, that Barack Obama's biggest ambition in life is to strike a deal with the worst people in the world. No wonder he's having a sad. 

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