Monday, June 03, 2013

the "g" word

This was posted by one of the resident grouches at BNet.

In fact, I am sure you will hate this.

Surely there are a group of Leftist/Social Democrats out there somewhere that are wanting to ban the Star Spangled Banner somewhere.

Fourth verse:

I, of course, replied, "Something here inside cannot abide snide," and went on to say:

I suppose I am what you call "liberal" although I can't speak for all of my tribe, and speak only for myself.

I have no problems with verse 4 of the SSB, because it never mentions Jesus, or Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost, or any other excess baggage. It's extremely deistic in tone and content, mentions "God" once and "that power" once.

I have no  issue with people using a general reference to God. Every body except overt atheists holds out the possibility that there might be something in the universe that never changes. It's when people start swinging the Jesus stick around, or start talking about "The Lord" that I get edgy and run. FS Key doesn't sound like that, and there is no evidence in that verse to indicate he was a Christian.

Plus the Marine veteran has an excellent singing voice, and delivers the piece a capella with great technique and profound emotion. It's fascist propaganda at its best, and I mean that sincerely, so thanks for sharing. 

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