Thursday, June 20, 2013

evolution has gone too far

A lot of liberals are vegans. Most are not big meat eaters, and vegetarianism should have been listed on the back of that guy's sandwich board as one of the things that will land you in hell, since as someone  pointed out to me recently, most vegetarians are also liberal.

Liberals also dislike wars, guns, WalMart, and other forms of national suicide.

Conservatives tend to be mean people, and very mean spirited. They like wars, and always are spoiling for a fight. This is mainly because they consume too much red meat, which gives them bleeding hemorrhoids. 

There are a few exceptions to these general principles, of course, such as Hitler, a vegetarian who liked Volkswagens. It wouldn't surprise me too much to find out he smoked pot, too, which would make nutty old Uncle Adolf a regular allaround hippie.

The world is a duller place without him, and it's going to get truly boring when we don't have Republicans to kick around any more.

The Republicans are not worth the trouble it takes to shine a light on their nuttiness. They're a dying party, going the way of the brontosaurus. I sure hope the Benghazi "scandal" will make good fertilizer.

I'm a lot more worried about Obama and his NSA than some bozo in Illinois who may be fun to watch, but in the long run has no effect except to induce nausea in his listeners.

I suppose just for fun it would be a hoot to email Mr. Jim Allen, chairman of the Montgomery County (Illinois) GOP to ask him how often he eats pepperoni pizza, a toxic veschsh which will do a number on your gut, your butt, and eventually your brain.

I used to be mean sometimes, like Mr. Allen is, and angry and resentful and all the rest, and I do think it was partly due to that old bloody butt. Too much meat and cheese, baby. Pepperoni Pizza.

But today I eat only fruit, veggies, fish and rice, and my hole life is different.


Joe said...

It turns out that I've been vegetarian pretty well too.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Any more I find I don't have to think about it much. Getting off the cheese was harder than losing the meat.

Joe said...

Cheese is pretty appealing. That's for sure. Right now I'm a lacto-vegetarian, but the amount of cheese is very small.

I tried lentils (red) for protein, but they were giving me pretty bad headaches. Black beans seem my favorite now.