Friday, June 21, 2013

us people

It's becoming pretty obvious we need a new government, that is to say, a new plan of government. This one we have now is not working.

We need a new constitution.

Madison and the other founders were mainly concerned with preventing dictatorships and other forms of tyranny, so they created a system in which no branch of the gov, theoretically, can gain enough power to impose absolute rule.

The weakness of such a system is that under normal circumstances, it barely functions. Now it's broken down completely and doesn't function at all. Some people here may be surprised to hear me say it, but the gov has become so huge and massive, and is moving in so many different directions at once, that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

So we have hundreds of billions to spend invading places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but we choke on the bill for food stamps, proposing to cut it by between $4 and $20 billion with a record 48 million Americans poor enough to qualify for them. Nonsense.

At this point, we need to stop and figure out what kind of society we want, and what kind of country we're going to have. And once we've done that, we're going to have to reconstitute a government with the capacity to get us there.

Are we going to have an endless war with a shadowy organization called The Brotherhood al Quaida, or are we going to take care of our own, find something useful for them to do, so they don't have to be on food stamps?

Are we going to be an empire run by a dysfunctional corporate/military dictatorship, or a country ruled by real democracy?

Are future generations going to live on the earth, or lie under it?

We need to get from A to be, and we'll never get there in this old clunker.

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