Wednesday, September 04, 2013

nsa blues

Everybody's workin in Wash, D.C.,
And it worries me night and day.
Everybody's workin in old D.C.,
Hoo boy, it worries me night and day,
Because of that mean workin crew
That works for the NSA.

I woke up this morning,
Rolled out about four,
Opened up my internet,
'Cause I wanted to know the score.
But when I got to my fave site,
There was only a notice there,
Sayin "This thought criminal's in custody,
And you can't come here no more."
So I'll have to get my
Info in some other way,
'Cause of that thought police crew
That works for the NSA.

Well well, I wanted to hear the news,
So I turned on my TV,
But I soon found out
That was no place to be.
There was commercials for hemorrhoid cream,
And how to stop a computer virus,
But when the actual news came on,
It was all about Miley Cyrus.
So then the notion struck me
I'd better be on my way,
Before my laptop and stash get seized
By those dogs from the NSA.

Well I cruised on down to Starbutts,
And ordered a grande drip,
The barista wanted to talk about Syria,
But my lips was zipped.
I tried internetting again,
But then decided that's just for fools,
When all I got was ads for cheap Viagra™
And how to get a discount for real estate school.
So I guess it worked real good for them,
Looks like the mind fuzz got their way,
'Cause I keep my opinions to myself now,
All thanks to the fkng NSA.

With apologies to the late Casey Bill Weldon. This song is based on and sung to the tune of his "WPA Blues."

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