Thursday, September 05, 2013

remember the splosion

If the history of this country's phony pretexts for starting our stupid fkng wars wasn't so tragic, it would be highly amusing.

Remember the Maine?

Don't feel bad, cause nobody else does either, partly because it was a 24 karat phony. Yes, the Battleship Maine did blow up in Havana harbor with loss of American life, but no one knows who dunnit. For all we know, President Citizen Hearst might have had it done, so as to get his wonderful litte war.

That was the original, and it set the pattern, so that by the time the Gulf of Tonkin resolution was cooked up to justify invading Vietnam and using chemical weapons (i.e., Napalm, a jellied gasoline, and Agent Orange™, an herbicde) on its people, animals, and crops, we should have easily seen the wool being pulled over our eyes.

And who could forget Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destrucgtion, which were actually a stockpile of Dick's and Donnie's and Condaleezza's weapons of mass disinformation?

So now comes a nerve gas attack in Syria killing 1400. We don't actually know who dunnit, or why, but that doesn't prevent the current crop of swinging penises in DC for using it to commit acts of senseless and truly pointless violence. it's pointless because it will accomplish nothing, and has no purpose other than just to whack somebody. The stupidity of violence for its own sake.

However, things are different now. I spend a lot of time at Twitter and sites outside the US, and I can tell you for sure the rest of the world is not going to tolerate this nonsense from us any more. They've had enough, and if you want to see a bull changed into a steer real quick, then let's all just keep on doing what we're doing.

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Joe said...

It's a wonder how it makes sense to believe the sources when the practice of people that the information comes from is to hide what they know.