Sunday, November 03, 2013


The geniuses, hacks, and waffle asses who run the Pentagon appear in the grip of invisible and sinister forces when it comes to recognizing when we've had enough.

Congress is engaged at the moment in cutting money for food stamps and numerous other social programs. That's the background against which the Pentagon brass and War Department officials (sometimes known as the "Department of Defense") are planning to ask for up to $400 billion to "upgrade" US nuclear capability, which already is many times greater than the rest of the world's put together.

Madelyn R. Creedon, the assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs, insisted to lawmakers that the US is obligated to move forward with plans to invest a tremendous amount of time and money into the program, because the repercussions of not doing so would be not worth risking.
The non-partisan Stimson Center think-tank estimated last year estimated that the cost of upgrading the nation’s entire nuclear arsenal over the course of a decade, including weapons, infrastructure and delivery systems, could come at a price-tag as high as $400 billion. At the same time, the sequestration deal signed earlier this year calls for the Pentagon to slash spending by roughly $1 trillion during that same time-span.

Sequestration be damned; full speed ahead. This is about a lot more than dollars, however, as  it involves the complex psychological gymnastics thieves and con men have to perform to justify their criminal acts in their own minds.

The US war machine is the biggest boondoggle in the history of the world, and one that takes food out of the mouths of elderly and infants. Pentagon brass and "Defense" Departent bureaucratsmay be gimlet eyed baby starvers as well as (on occasion) baby killers, but they surely are unaware that five years from now we're going to exorcise their five sided symbol of evil, on the 50th anniversary of the first such ceremony in 1968.

This time, it'll work.

And then, after the devl is banished from Virginia (for the second time; the first was in 1865), we'll demolish the buildng, plow the site, and sow the furrows with salt.

And, as the Song of Solomon says, "The voice of the turtle will be heard in our land."

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Joe said...

Nuclear weapon development in this day and age is just insane.