Saturday, November 02, 2013

primitive medicine

Wingnut apologists for our buccaneering health care establishment are now telling us that government health care won't work because people will have "no incentive" to take care of themselves.

Incentive? This is our fkng lives we're talkin about.

For most normal people, the "incentive" to take better care of one's self is that you feel a whole lot better. As opposed to feeling like shit all the time.

Then there's me. The "incentive" for me to take better care of my self was that I got to stay alive, as opposed to, you know, dying.

Even when life sucks, it's better than being dead. At least I assume so, and have never spoken with anyone who's been dead, and then came back to tell us about it.

I got to say I'm totally sick of all the discussions of health care we're hearing today, and that's without even reading any of em. I assume they're full of weary wingnutisms about "incentives" and "value added" and all that happy horseshit.

But here's how health care in the USA actually works right now:

You show up at the doctor's office with a pain of some sort and are diagnosed with a horrifying disease, which is treatable, but only at a price that nobody except David Koch or the WalMart heirs could ever afford. The rule is that because you got sick, you must now be bankrupted. The only alternative is death.

And if you think bankruptcy is worse than death, I must ask, have you ever been dead? So in this country today, we're at the mercy of thieving insurance comanies working with grifting physicans who are connected to and sometimes in the pay of swindling drug companies. The amounts they charge are as much of a mockery as the insurance "settlements," determined by policies written for the sole purpose of confusing people.

Will Romnobamacare be better than this? Anything would be!

But of course, the apologists for the plutocrats and robbers who own USA, Co Inc. are screeching and crying that it's the end of the world. I can't debate with them any more, because I've only one thing to say to them, re: health care:

We've been fkng screwed blue;
I'm sick of it, and sick of you.

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