Tuesday, December 24, 2013

at the front

Christmas is exactly like war, in that without it, our capitalist, consumption-dependent economy would collapse in an untidy heap.

We're dependent on war and Christmas for our survival. Also car manufacturing and the housing "industry," both of which are on life support at the moment.

Seems to me that collectively, we're like an addict who's certain his life sucks because he doesn't have enough money to feed all his addictions.

He, and we, are searching for the means to continue the way of life we're used to. But honesty and logic require us to stop and analyze our situation, rather than mindlessly running in the same old channel.

Even a fast and dirty analysis will tell us it's our desires that are causing pain and unhappiness in our lives, rather than our not having the means to satisfy those desires, which have been transformed by our economic regime into needs, or addictions.

For this reason, I'm quite willing to make war on Christmas the same way I've been making war on war since I was grown, by not doing it. I would also some day like to make war on suburbs and cars using the same method, but that's proving 2 B a little more difficult.

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