Monday, December 23, 2013

new week cat blogging

Mi gata is asleep on one of our Starvation Army chairs at d moment, dreaming of a home of her own. I don´t doubt she´s tired of motels and roommate situations. and her dream will soon enough come true. We were hoping for before Chistmas, but we´ll have to wait a bit longer.

Atrios the blogger has a talent for synopsizing analysis without distorting it. This morning, addressing the subject of the moment which we´re all sick of already but can´t stop talking about, he said

Reading through some silly "Duck Dynasty" fight threads around the internet, I'm reminded of how much "Christianity" is just a tribal marker for many people. It's about choosing teams and then cheering for your side. It's like being from Texas, or rooting for the University of Michigan. Of course there are serious believing Christians out there, but if people were that serious about their religion I'd expect that they'd know at least a bit more about it than many of them seem to. I don't mean "interpret the Bible the way I do," I just mean have some minor grasp of what's in it.

Also, too, "patriots" and US history.

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