Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jeb vs. Hillary

Linked here  is a piece I wrote 3-1/2 yrs ago, as the election of 2012 loomed and the Republican debates were ongoing.

I'm putting it here this morning not to show what a brilliant predictor of events I am, but simply 2 make the point that usually, if we put our emotions aside, it's easy to tell what's gonna happen in US politics.

This year, we'll see all the various serious and non-serious Republican hopefuls shake loose and fall out one at a time. In the end only Jeb B. will B left. It'll be Bush v. Clinton in 2016.

The last 2 fall will B Scotty Walker, the preferred candidate of Dave & Charlie Koch. Walker "the google-eyed homunculus the Koch brothers appointed to manage their midwestern subsidiary, formerly known as the state of Wisconsin." (Charles Pierce @ With Koch money behind him, Walker will B the final impediment in Jeb's scheme. However, Dave & Charlie will grudgingly bow to "the will of the people" (i.e., most of the other billionaires), as Mittens did yesterday.

And in the end, Clinton will win the White House easily unless Bernie Sanders runs as an independent, which he will only do if Liz Warren agrees 2 run with him in the #2 spot. That would  split the Democratic vote & throw the election 2 Jeb.

But that seems unlikely 2 me, and I'm going with Clinton. As 4 my vote, I'll probably let this presidential election pass me by, as I did the last one.

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