Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bourgeois blues -- wealth of dirt

I've located this country's buttocks, and the anal fundament, which is parked along the Montana-Alberta  line. about 1/3 of the way from Montana's  eastern border.

That's the point at which phase 3 of the Keystone pipeline is slated to cross into the US.                                       

From world's biggest producer 2 takin it in the butt, in 45 yrs. -- that's how desperate we R.

Why don't we just get it from Vlad like every body else, you know, by buying it.

Leave those filthy tar sands where they are -- under the ground. Extend the Alaska Pipeline to east coast Sibieria.

Resources now going to the exploitation of increasingly expensive and difficult-2-extract petroleum should be directed to production and implementation of windmills and solar panels. Yes, it really IS that simple, and yeah, I'm dead serious.

Hey Folks, It's 2015. NOT 1915!

Wake up buttheads, lest ye beome pimples on the ass of progress.

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