Saturday, May 09, 2015

??? lost in translation ???

Check out these lyrics. If you're rilly up on contemporary music (i.e., music of the last 50 yrs or so) you'll be able to recognize the song while reading the first 2 lines. Those less knowledgeable won't recognize till toward the chorus. If you're still in the dark after the chorus, God help U.

The process by which these lyrics were derived was as follows: Using Google Translate, I copied the original lyrics and translated them in2 Spanish, from Spanish 2 Russian, from Russian 2 German, from German 2 Gujarati, from Gujarati 2 Japanese, and thence back 2 English.

Guess you could say I've got time on me 'ands.

In facing Toledo, bar of depot,
In bar stool, she took off her ring
So I close, I thought I'd get to walk on top of the above;
I sit down, I asked her name.
Drinks, finally when hit her,
She: I have said there was no a man to give up easily, I was living end finally to dream.
After I was until now, here that's hungry for laughter;
I am after whatever other life brings

My in the mirror to see him,  & I closely looked at him;
I thought he looked out of place;
He came to me to be female side was sitting there;
He had a strange look on his face.
Big hand was Mashi hard he looked like a penis;
In for a minute I I think died I
However, he began shaking and broke his big heart
He said to become a woman


After he left us, I ordered more whiskey
I think if he she he had little to show
From the fluorescent lights of the bar room
To rent a hotel room
I walked without all of the conversation
When she was a beauty, she came to me,
She must have thought I'd lost my mind.
I could not be held her words because told her
come time back held after the time has elapsed

You chose a fine time to leave me Lucille,
4 and the hunger of children and field crops.
When I some bad did must live some of the sad era,
However, this time, the damage is not healing you.
You chose a fine time to leave me Lucille.

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