Thursday, May 14, 2015

nadsat funnies

Tweedledum & Tweedledee
Decided they'd have a britva;
4 Tweedledum said Tweedledee
don't got no keeshkas.                                          
Thought jeb was the smart 1? This veck's got a good gulliver on his pletchoes, unlike his bezoomy bratty," they all govereeted.

So imagine me surprise when I open yesterday's gazetta only 2 viddy the gulliver-line, "Jeb flip-flops on Iraq."

After months of in insisting "I'm my own chelloveck," Jeb blows innocent Q's re: Iraq. At 1st, he says "Nobody would have done it different," meaning EVERY body wanted to go over there and tolcholck Saddum. By this, we know he's just as gloopy as his bratty. C+ Augustulus.  

Better clean those ootchkies, Jeb. We don't need another Arbusto, 4 U have privodeeted us 2 death.

But the thing is, the ptitsa in the race, Mrs Clinton, as a senator voted in favor of letting Augustulus run wild. I govoreeted at the time  I slooshied this, "I will never vote 4 any of these Bimbos what gave their assent 2 this prestoopnik enterprise, 4 they are part and parcel of a regime of grazhny prestoopniki. They should all have been millicents in Los Angle-lees.

This puts us on notice 2 that it's time to answer the question: "Would a vlagali-she American serve better in the office than the 44 veck-veshches we've had until  now?" That's easy: Did electing a chernyveck provide any part of a solution? 

Clearly, Race, gender, family connections -- none of these matters as much as finding an un-pwned candidate.

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