Sunday, May 17, 2015

luv it or leave it

Garry Wills has written a full-throated no-holds-barred defense of the Pope in this week's New York review of books .

I'm very glad to see it, since  Wills has long been a favorite writer of mine. He's also a dedicated Catholic and a historian. 

I thought the stuff would hit the fan this summer, when Francis's climate change encyclical is scheduled 4 release. But it's already happening. Catholic Gazillionaires are pissed, and apparently haven't heard that one must choose between God & mammon, or as I prefer to call it, Moloch. 

Personally, I'd like to see these idolaters run out of the Church, out of our country, and off the planet. I hope that won't be necessary, but dammit, the word is THE EARTH: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. 

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