Sunday, May 17, 2015

let's give him a big hand

Bernie Sanders has said nothing radical, or even debatable so far. 

There are also a few obvous things he hasn't said. 

1) Social Security is a tried-and-true, effective method of redistributing income.

2) In a capitalist economic regime, income must be redistributed, to insure the survival of the society.

But the ruling class in the US today, not being the sharpest weapons in the history of aristocrocy, hasn't figured out either of thse obvious truths, or that a formerly free peple will never submit 2 slavery.

On the eve of destruction, a few of our more intelligent aristocrats will awaken, and come over 2 the people. At that point the revolution begins in earnest.

Calling Dr. Guillotine: the death penalty is a dead issue; We need a smaller version of the aristocrat separator you built 4 the French, 4 quickly & efficiently cutting the hands off thieves.   

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