Sunday, May 17, 2015

Uke rain

Excuse me, dear reader, if I get a little salty here, but I think that of all the crazy, weak-minded, overly-aggressive, SNAFU clusterfucks in American foreign policy history, this Ukraine thing, and consequent demonizing of Putin is the most ludicrous and totally useless veschsh I've ever seen.

Obama apparently decided some time back that he's gotta let the brass hats and the nutball wing of the State dept have their way, and go rooting around the globe like a bunch of truffle pigs looking for fungus. What a weakling!

So in front of the whole world, we're threatening Putin over a flat, agriculturally rich piece of ground that's been a highway 4 invasions & counter-invasions since before history began.

People see this & realize Uncle Sam's gotten so senile & stupid he'll go stickin his fingers in EVERY BODY'S pie.  

Putin is not an attractive personality.  He appears 2 B a domineering sort of guy, of the kind where if he meets someboldy who doesn't kiss his butt he gets annoyed. But he is competent, and Obama's vacillating, anemic, delicate, wimpy, and two-faced govoreeting Makes Putin look good in comparison.

I suspect the reason we're rootng & snufflling about over there is because John McCain and a foreign policy aide, Randy Scheunemann, have got us in so deep we can't just pull away. McCain is a bully who loves 2 tweak people and then beat em down 2 the bricks when they explode. 

The Ukranians are finding out 2 their chagrin that if you deal with crusty old fascists, you get crusty old fascism. You can't blame em for hating Russia -- it's in their genes. but I can & do blame them for thinking that top-down authoritarianism of any kind, including fascism is anything other than a recipe for national failure. 

We need to pull back miitarily all over the globe, and create the word's best land, sea, & air defense. Most of all, we need to get our hands off other people's stuff, and stop messing with things we don't understand.

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