Sunday, May 03, 2015

reigning in aridzona

One reign has ended here -- that of Sheriff 
Joe Arpaio, the Duke of Maricopa County and top Arizona warlord got taken down by a judge named Murray Snow. Snow beats reign every time.

& Another rain has begun. During last night's episode I feared the monsoon had arrived 2 mos. early. But tonight's is definitely a spring rain, and the desert never smelled so sweet before.

Bernie Sanders has declared his candidacy. The dispossessed R now in the game -- they have -- we have -- somebody 2 vote for, as well as a couple of people to vote AT this time around.  

There is no second estate this time around.

The noble clergy was always a scam anyhow, enabling a single, elite class of inbred spaniels 2 dominate the social order and take all the good stuff 4 themselves. Some took up the battle hammer, and some the Bible, and it didn't matter which, since both were used as weapons against the 90%. (The proportion has worsened since then; 2day it's the 99.9% v. the .01%).

Pat Robertson doesn't count, and this time it's just them and us. That makes things easier and clearer.

The revolution of 1798 supposedly ended that kind of privilege, and by the early 20th century had triumphed everywhere. Henceforth, civilization and meritocracy would  be synonymous, until Reagan got elected and we decided this civilization stuff had its limitations. 

What good is an election if U can't sell it?

illustration: What chance did the working man have once the priest and the knight had  conspired against him?  

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