Sunday, May 31, 2015

sanders scandalette

You knew if they dug deep enough they'd come up with something they could inflate -- you know, blow it up like a ballon & then swing it around their heads. But this is really scrapin the bottom.

Back in 1972 (that's 43 yrs ago for those who think such things are relevant), Bernie Sanders wrote a thing for a marginal weekly, the Vermont Freeman, in which he thought out loud about gender roles, and what they might mean. Now people are saying what he wrote reveals a sick individual, etc. etc. 

Yawn. You always hope for "Bernie caught in love tryst with two 18 yo starlets in steambath- massage parlor." (Wow, hope that fantasy I just concocted doesn' t say too much about moi). But when the chips are down, you gotta take what you can get.

So whattya got?

Not much as it turns out. This story comes 2 us from a disreputable source, a media hoe named Dan Joseph who works for an outift called Media Research Center. Apparently he was given the assignment to "find something" the right wing can use against Sen Sanders.

So there's this revelation, & if that's the best they can do, we're in great shape. 

I know they're hoping to suck on this ball of fluff for 6 mos or so. It'll be sent thru the Action McNews™ cycle this coming week, but I dont think it's got any staying power.

The Media Ressearch Center, incidentally made over 12 mil last yr, has 80-some employees, and its list of funders also serves as its immaculate fascist credentials.

So we got a wingnut mouthpiece being paid to dig up dirt on a candidate who makes fascists everywhere wild with fear & hatred. is this a great country or what?

PREVIEW OF THE NEXT CHAPTER: We can't find anything, so I guess we'll have 2 make shit up.

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