Sunday, May 31, 2015

the dragon lady cometh

Yeah I feel pretty positive 2 day, even though I'm relatively certain we're gonna get at least 4 yrs under the rule of the Dragon Lady.

I don t see anything occurring betweeen now & the fall of next year that might shock the American electorate out of their habitual lethargy and timidity. Without gas shortages, food shortages, etc, they're simply not prepared 2 take a hard left.

But the split in the Democratic Party, which I thought would happen sooner, is finally under way. Plus, the marginalization of the Republicans on the national stage are now in full gear. 

The Republicans, even though they ve got Congress by the testicles right now, will remain only a regional force, in primitive rural backwaters where the people are inclined toward tent revivals and cornbread (though the former comes on TV now, & the latter in a box).

We'll work hard 4 Bernie this year. How well he does I believe depends on which side of the great divide Senator Professor Warren comes down on. She my be physically tiny, but she carries a lot of clout. 

I'll re-iterate -- so much of the Democratic picture during this primary season depends on what Senator Professor Warren decides. She's not a queen, but at this point she's a monarch-maker.

Will she choose her natural political inclinations (Bernie) or the solidarity of sisterhood (Hillary)? 

Hard 2 tell, eh?

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