Wednesday, July 29, 2015

rear burner -- updated

Usually I'm not interested in finding the origins of rightwing memes, but this one was special. With a lot of help, I tracked down the two sites that appeared 2 B the origin of the "Obama wants to ban the Gadsden Flag' story.

I checked the web sites, and found the  Washington Weekly News still has the story up on theirs.

However, Fellowship of the Minds has no such page, and is running this disclaimer instead:

Gadsden flag

While Washington Weekly News, by all indications, is a legitimate news site, that article carried a dateline of “Washington (ONN).” ONN is the satirical Onion News Network that publishes entirely made-up pseudo news that are believable precisely because they are plausible. In this case, given the anti-Confederate flag hysteria whipped up by the media and the Left, it seemed entirely plausible that Obama would propose that both the Confederate flag as well as the Gadsden flag be banned. But it is not true.

UH Huh -- wingnuts admitting they were punked by the Onion -- Again.

Yukon King, this case is closed! Bark Arf!!

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