Tuesday, July 28, 2015

rear burner


For the past 7 years Republicans have been pulling stuff out of their butts & trying 2 smear Obama with it. He's not my favorite president (2 say the least), but this is a truly stupid tactic, bcause it avoids the truth.
A simple visit to Snopes.com (unprofound I know) should convince every body. "Does Brock O'Bama wanna 
BAN our founda-related glorious Gadsden gonfalon,?" is the wrong question, & "Yeah, he do" the absurdly wrong answer.

The question is, "Does Bronco Bama wanna prohibit our Seals from wearing a Navy Jack patch on their unis.?" & the rite answer is "No, he dont."

The Navy Jack is not the flag people think of when they hear z slovos DON'T TREAD ON ME! They both of em do have a picture of a snattle rake w/ foys 'n' pangs, but one snake is coiled & ready 2 strike & the other is stretched out. Also 2, 1 is yellow and the other has red & white horizontal stripes (the flags, not the snakes). 

No link. I'm certain U'll find it.

I mention in passing that I used 2 own a Gadsden, bcause I like the design AND the sentiment. I gave that cheap copy away in 2008, during the height of the wigged-nut craze, when it was forced into T party service, along with 3-corner hats & knee britcheys.

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