Thursday, July 16, 2015

the problem w/ barack

Brock O'Bama waltzed in2 the Ovular Office with the dumb idea that he was gonna make common cause with "our friends across the aisle," & obstinately refused 2 see that viper's brood of racists and lackeys of the .1% for who they truly R,

& that lasted 6 yrs. Eventually he woke up.

Another aspect of the problem was narcissism. He really believed he could get that "grand bargain," which is 2 say, he beleived in himself way 2 much.

When dealing with the huge forces of history, it don't mean nothing who we are or even who he is. 

The election of B Obama 2 that office was a huge, earth-shaking clusterschnazzle
-- I kind of knew that at the time.  I don't  know if he was aware of the full fury of the wild raspberries of rustics.

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