Wednesday, July 15, 2015

yowzer yowzer yowzer

That's the phrase I Identify as the wellspring of lame, old man humor, such as the joke "My friends said cheer up, things could be worse; so I cheered up, & sure ENUFF, things got worse" Har de har har.

You know, if the Republican Party truly wishes to degenerate into a clown's sideshow, more power 2 em, I Think they should pick the biggest, nastiest clown in the bunch.

They have oibliged us by doing so.

The headline at Yahoo this morning identifies Trump as the one who "Vaults to the top" of the Republican field.

Going down?

Meanwhile, the country as a whole moves off in a different direction, leaving Republicans 2 party at the Dew Drop Inn. Yowzer Yowzer Yowzer. I mean take my wife. PLEASE!

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