Sunday, August 16, 2015

get yer head outta that box

Randy Paul is the latest. It seems in every presidential election now, some Republicabrone or other comes up with a brilliant new idea -- the flat tax. It sounds so fair.

We need to be reminded in the US that the purposes of a graduated income tax are

1. to raise money, so the gov't can function, and

2. to redistribute income.

A flat tax doesn't get it.

I know that #2 contains that word that gives lots of Americans shingles. But  that's only because you live under the propaganda regimes of either Foxist News or CNN. and for that reason haven't thought about what would happen to your beloved capitalist, "free" enterprise system if there was no redistribution whatsoever.

As the late Mr. Rogers would have asked, "You know what self-destruction is, down't you?"

Think about it. But don't hurt yourselves. 

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