Sunday, August 16, 2015

jelly rolls

Foxist News anchor & homecoming queen Megyn Jelly announced an unplanned 2-wk vacation on the air today.

It's the most-read story at at the moment.

She's been famously and furiously feuding with candidate D Trump, who made disparaging remarks about women generally in attacking Ms. Jelly. Network honcho Roger Ailes jumped in 2 referee the dispute and ruin everybody's fun. 

With today's announcement, Meg Jelly shows just how tuff she is -- not very. 

It's hard not to ber on her side, however. I can't wait until some reporter, when D Trump gets snappish with the press, asks the candidate "Wotsamadda U, Don? Is it ragtime?"

Jusrt a note: I'm A FOXIST NEWS watcher, but not really (I'll only watch it if the sound is off, for reasons I've explained in some detail.)

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