Sunday, September 13, 2015

From z sub-conscious

In 1973, French novelist Jean Raspail wrote  "In the Camp of the Saints." It was immediately almost universally condemned as racist garbage. 40 years later we're looking at they events described in this novel playing out in the news from Europe.

During the interlude between the book's publication and 2011, when the demand for it became such it needed 2  reprinted, the Atlantic magazine, at a time when "Camp of the Saints" was out of print & hard 2 find (1994), published an appreciation of Raspail's work under the title "Must it be the  West versus the rest?" 
Then there's Donald Trump.
Nobody, not even trump himself, wants to just think of himself as a racist asshole. At the same time, treating the coming migration storm as if it's not a problem is self- destructive. 
The earth is overpopulated, especially in places where 200 years of energy whoopee have encouraged population growth way beyond what resources in those places -- Middle East & North Africa (MENA) -- could ever support. 
This past Monday Jim Kunstler addressed this situation by noting that "Yes, the tragic intrusions of the US military in Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and elsewhere have been reckless and stupid. But that is not the whole story. The desert nations of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have populations abnormally swollen by a century of oil-and-gas-based agriculture, really by the benefits of Modernity in general. Now that the oil age is chugging to an unruly crack-up, and Modernity with it, and the earth’s climate is doing wonky things, and the rich nations to the north have faked their finances to the point of bankruptcy, well, circumstances have changed."

In this country I have advocated getting a handle on our borders by limiting immigration from Latin America  by eliminating the sick, the criminal, and illiterates. There would still be a lot of people coming here, but they would all be workplace ready.

Pretending there's not a problem because T. Rump's a butthead, or J.M. Penn a racist dick, doesn't get it either.

I curse our so-called leaders past and present, who allowed International income inequality 2 become so skewed this situation has arisen: people can't stay in Mexico because life there is impossible, as it is in Syria, Afghanistan,  & Libya. 

1972, at home by the shore of the Mediterranean, Raspail had a vision:  "A million poor wretches, armed only with their weakness and their numbers, overwhelmed by misery, encumbered with starving brown and black 
children, ready to disembark on our soil, the vanguard of the multitudes pressing hard against every part of the tired and overfed West. I literally saw them, saw the major problem they presented, a problem absolutely insoluble by our present moral standards. To  let them in would destroy us. To reject them would destroy them." 

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