Thursday, September 17, 2015


I found myself unable to watch the Rehooligan debate last nite.

4 1 thing, it was (again) all about Trump, who looked like a big, ugly rat being set upon by a pack of enraged gerbils. Everybody, including the moderators, is trying to bring this giant rodent down, but he continues to chug along.

About 7:00 Marco Rubio, professional honor-roll student, comes on & holds forth 4 a few minutes on Iran, saying that undesr the terms of the still-unconcluded treaty with the country, the mullahs were "guaranteed" -- guaranfknteed -- to have a nuke in a few short years, which they would of course use against us &/or Israel.

"Bud, you can stand out on the corner & tell that same lie twice" I said B 4 kissin the Mrs. & bidding her goodnight, for she had determined earlier in the weeek 2 punish herself by actually watching this dumb show put on by morons & misfits. 

It's past time 4 us to start keeping track of these fearless predictions, such as the one made by Marco R. Last nite, so as 2 B b able 2 rub the perps', faces in em when they fall due.

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