Monday, October 19, 2015

dear jim

"Bernie Sanders plays the meshugganah grandpa role reserved, on the screen, for Larry David or Alan Arkin. He’s always worked up about something that nobody else can really get worked up about, always raising his voice and stabbing his finger in the air in imitation of Yahweh."
--Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation blog, 10/19/25

I seldom disagree with you about anything other than Zionism, so I was perplexed to discover the degree to which you do NOT "Feel the Bern." What reason could you possibly have for calling the candidate I (and seemingly yourself) have been waiting for these past 50 years, a guy whose most salient traits are his spotless integrity and political consistency, to a crazy old grandpa?

And most particularly, why would you ridiculously and inexplicably say that "Sanders is worked up about something that nobody else can really get worked up about," when you have expended gallons of ink and miles worth of column inches railing against the banks and our larcenous financial sector in virtually the same words as he uses.

I would appreciate your telling us the real reason behind your profound distaste f0r the only candidate I've seen in a lifetime of voting that I can actually pull the lever for with enthusiasm.

I'm not comfortable addressing you in this tone, since you were the Moses who largely single-handedly led us out of the wilderness of domination of the national political conversation by the oil patch  bhoyz. I found "The Long Emergency" a masterpiece of concision and accuracy (to judge by all that's happened since it was published), and the "A World Made By Hand" series I devoured in three sittings, and eagerly await the final volume. It's gorgeously  written, and a polemic as well as a page-turner.

Please enlighten is as to  why you have missed the mark so completely when the subject turns to  the all-important question  of who's to follow the weak "centrist" Obama into  the White House. I'm sure you're aware the Rehooligans will fail (again) to nominate a human, that the race for the Democratic nomination is in reality the race for the presidency, and that there are exactly two viable contenders. Your assessment of Mrs. Clinton is spot-on; why don't you feel the Bern.


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