Saturday, November 28, 2015


Sometimes I wake up genuinely surprised and amazed to be here -- or ANY where.

After less than 2 months out of circulation -- early October till late November -- It's impossible to step into the old routine.

I'm having to take it all real slow. So far the challenge is being around real food.  After I don't know how many November Unhappy Meals at the rehab-my ass,  regular Kitagawa breakfast is a sensory overload -- but who's complaining?

eggs 4 breakfast

The one thing that's egg zackley the same as it was when I "went away" is Tha News. Same shrieks & groans coming out of the same gray faces. At least we have a (1) candidate this yr. but seriously, pundits y punditas, you're gonna have 2 come up w/ some new material or risk becoming what the academics call "moribund,"

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